How to Choose a Good Puppy Breeder

puppy-breeder How to choose a good puppy breeder

First you have decided whether you can accommodate a dog to your house or not. If you are sure about it then you have to determine the breed that suits well to your lifestyle. Now you have to find a reputable puppy breeder for buying the puppies. The role of puppy breeder is important in developing the character of a dog. A puppy must get good socialization from an age of 21 days to 16 weeks otherwise it may show behavioral problems. If the puppy didn’t get much attention in his early days then it will be difficult for the puppy to develop attachment with the new owner.

Qualities of a Good Breeder

A good puppy breeder can suggest you the best breeds that suits your life. He should be  very knowledgeable person who can advice you about the needs and cares required for a dog like vaccination, deworming etc. He will have all record about the puppy including the whelping date, vaccination records, pedigree outlines etc.  A reputable breeder will only breed chosen breed’s good specimen. He will be straight forward and will not hide any thing from you. He will be happy to clear your doubts and questions. A reputable and good dog breeder will always have waiting list for puppies.

Choose a Good Breeder

First of all you have to contact the veterinarian of your locality or the kennel clubs and enquire them about the good breeders in your area. Then choose 4 to 5 breeders from the list. If possible take an experienced person with you and take a tour to these breeder’s place. Talk to the breeder about your needs and from the way he responds you can appreciate how knowledgeable he is. Ask him for tour inside his kennel.

While moving around you must check the cleanliness and maintenance activity going on there. This is because only a healthy kennel can produce healthy puppies. Also watch the dogs and their behavior, interaction with other people, their health and the space they are getting to play and rest.

Also see whether the puppies are maintained well and healthy, are they getting enough human interaction. This is because the puppies get the basic socialization training from the breeder and if they are properly trained then only they will interact easily with new owner.

If possible meet the father and mother of the puppy and make sure that they are healthy and well behaved. Check whether the parents are registered breeds and enquire about the puppy’s registration also.  Also make sure that the mother dog was not bred before her third season and not after her seventh year.

Ask the breeder whether he will accept the puppy if it is not working well you. If you are happy with the meeting then ask some reference of his previous customers and meet them. Ask the previous customers about their experience and satisfaction.