How to Choose a Baby Mattress

How to Choose a Baby Mattress

The most important that you will be buying after having a bay will be a crib and crib mattress. Most of the kids may sleep in crib for about one year. So you need to choose a perfect mattress for your baby that makes your baby sleep well. If the mattress is not a good one then your baby may not sleep long and it may affect his growth and development.

Here are some tips that help you to choose a perfect and safe mattress for your baby.

Criteria for Baby Mattress Selection


While choosing the mattress the most important thing that you need to consider is their size. Make sure that the mattress fit perfectly in your crib and there won’t be any gap in between the mattress and the crib frame. The gap should be sufficient to insert only one finger in between the crib frame and the mattress. Now a days most of the crib and mattress are of standard size and hence you will easily get the matching the one.


Select a mattress that is fairly firm. This is because if the mattress is too soft then if the baby turns there are chances for their face to get sink in the mattress. It will be difficult for the baby to turn back to the normal position and it may sometimes cause respiratory problems and may even leads to the death of the baby. So check the softness of the mattress by pushing it down and choose a firm mattress for your loving baby. Foam mattress will be lighter and firm and you can handle them easily while changing the sheets. If it is a coiled mattress then make sure there are enough coils to give firmness to the mattress.

Breathable Mattress

Check whether the mattress has visible breathing holes that help to avoid the problems like sudden infant death syndrome.

Cover of the Mattress

Check the covering of the mattress and if it has multiple covers then you can change one cover when it is worn and this increases the durability of the mattress. Now a days mattress that has anti-microbial tops is also available and it protects the baby microbial infections. Also check whether the plastic and fabric on the mattress is good. Most of the baby mattresses are now fire retardant.

Buy a durable and quality mattress for your baby.