How to check your internet speed

speed Sometimes we find that our internet connection has suddenly become dawdling and is not connecting with the actual speed provided by the ISP. This may be due to various technical faults in the system. There are various ways to find your browsing speed. These techniques are different for different types of connections. If you are using a Dial up analog modem to connect to the internet via phone, then the dialog box which opens up shows the actual speed of surfing once you get connected.

If you are using a customized program provided by the ISP to connect to the internet, then you can find the speed by clicking the modem icon in the taskbar of your pc. This reference is the value of the current session of the connection and it does not show the speed at regular intervals. You can also try the site named to measure the actual speed of your digital modem supplied by the telephone or cable company. The speed is determined by the request and respond technology. It gives the speed in Kilobits or Kilobytes. You can also try other sites such as

One more thing that is supplied with the measurement is the speed comparison graph, which compares your speed with other modems such as analog modems, ISDN, which is a slower digital modem and DSL modem. Actually the measurements of a single modem can be different form time to time. Depending on the traffic of the test server, but at some point you will get the exact speed of the connection. Actually the modem never gives the speed that is actually in the specifications. This is due to some internal limitations. You can also try the free software named Naviscope to measure the speed. It has many utilities that will not only show the speed but will also check your pc form time to time for some system errors and time updates.