How to Change your Baby’s Diaper

change-your-babye28099s-diaper How to Change your Baby’s Diaper

If you’re a new mother then you must know how to change your baby’s diaper. Babies urinate and defecate frequently. Changing of diaper is an important part in mother hood and you must know how frequently this has to be done. In order to keep your child healthy and clean you need to do proper handling of nappies.

Diaper Change

1.    There are different types of diapers available in the market. First determine whether you are using a cloth diaper that is reusable or a disposable diaper for your baby.

2.    Find a diaper that matches your baby perfectly. You can choose diaper with a small cut in front for your new born as this will help you to protect the umbilical sump. Small, medium and large sized diapers are now available according to the need for of the baby.  Choose an ideal one for your baby.

3.   Choose a safe place and spread the changing mat there.

4.    Gather some clean cloth or cotton wool and luke warm water for cleaning the baby’s diaper area. Keep a new clean diaper near the mat and also keep a bin to put the soiled diaper.

5.    Lay down your baby on its back in order to remove the dirty diaper easily.

6.    Carefully remove the soiled diaper and drop it in to the bin. Use the wet cloth or cotton wool to clean the diaper area. While cleaning your baby try to wipe from front to back and this will help you to prevent urinary infection. If you wipe from back to front then the baby poo may get in to the genital organ and may cause infection. Never forget to clean the skin folds present in the thighs.

7. Once you finished the cleaning then you have to dry the cleaned area with a soft dry cloth. Apply some baby powder or rash cream on the diaper area.

8.    Grab your baby on his ankles with one hand and raise him with the hand. This will help you to keep the new diaper underneath the baby with the other hand.

9. While keeping the diaper beneath the baby, be careful to keep the side of the diaper with the strip to be placed under the baby’s stomach level. Direct the other between the legs of the baby and then press the adhesive strips over it.

10.  Never fasten the diaper tightly. Provide a little space for ventilation other wise your baby will feel uncomfortable. Also make sure that it won’t cause any leakage.

Check your baby’s diaper  every hour to maintain the health of the baby .Change the diaper before putting your baby to sleep.