How to care for your patio furniture

patio-furniture Being confined inside the house for too long can become tiresome. Hence, a patio provides a relaxing atmosphere outdoors. You can lie on chairs in the shade of trees or enjoy the cool evening breeze. And as you relax you may think: wouldn’t it be great to stay like this forever?

Perhaps yes; but you need to ensure that your patio always remains a comforting place. The patio furniture requires proper care on a regular basis. Since it lies outside your house, you can’t prevent dust and grime from settling on it.  It can also wear out over time.

There are different ways to enhance the life of your patio furniture. Depending on the type of furnishings, you can take necessary precautions to make sure that they last a long time.

Metal care

Metal items are prone to rust that ruins them. Metal furniture can be scraped with sandpaper to remove rust. Steel wool helps in making the metal smooth.

It is best to use metal paint to give a new look to the furniture. Before doing so, ensure that it is washed with water and dried off thoroughly.

Good looking wood

Wooden furniture can be brightened with paint. If possible, match the furniture with the colors of your house.

Teak time

Teak patio furniture can be maintained by polishing with true teak oil. Clean the items carefully before using the oil. Read the directions given on the oil bottle carefully to determine the quantity and frequency of oil to be used.

Cushion care

The cloth used for cushions needs to be stain resistant. Also, make sure it can be washed easily with soap and water and dries swiftly.

Wicker wear

You can revive deteriorating wicker furniture by cleaning off the dust with a soft brush. Then place damp towels on them for about an hour.

Let your patio furniture be as clean and attractive as the furniture in your home. Maintain it well for years of outdoor comfort.