How to buy a wedding gown on budget

wedding-gown In a girl’s life, the two most important dresses she shops for are probably her prom dress and her wedding gown. She plans her wedding day from a young age, dreaming about the perfect groom, a beautiful ceremony and the perfect wedding gown.

But in adulthood, financial issues and budgets assume priority. Such circumstances compel the bride to shop for her wedding gown on a budget. However, you can still have a beautiful wedding gown without exceeding your spending limit.

Advance booking

Start your shopping for the wedding dress months before the ceremony. This will give you sufficient time to look at the different options available for buying a gown.

Know yourself

From the budget for your wedding, set aside a fixed amount for your wedding gown. Stick to this limit and don’t be tempted to spend more than you can afford.

Set realistic targets. The designer gown in the famous bridal boutique may look exquisite; but is it really worth emptying your life’s savings on? After all, you’ll only wear the dress once.


If you don’t want to save your wedding gown for life, then consider renting one from a shop. This will cost much less than buying a new dress.

You can also wear a gown worn by your mother, sister or aunt at their wedding. A family heirloom will add meaning to your wedding ceremony.

E gown

Check online stores for wedding gowns. Look at the variety offered and compare prices to find something that suits your budget.

Custom made

Can you work wonders with needle and thread? Or does someone in your family have a flair for dressmaking? If yes, consider making your own gown. You can benefit by choosing your own design and also saving much money.

Another way to save money is to select a two-piece wedding gown. You can buy a white top with lace or beads and then have a skirt stitched to match it. The top can be used again later for casual wear.

So shop smart to look like a blushing bride without worrying about being a budget bride.