How to buy a sofa bed

sofa-bed A sofa bed is a useful multipurpose piece of furniture. It can be used as a sofa and doubles up as a bed when required. If you have guests staying overnight at your house and no guest room, a sofa bed provides additional sleeping space.

When buying a sofa bed, you need to look beyond its attractive looks and consider the functions. Remember that a good sofa bed will be an indispensable asset in your house. But a bad one will end up as useless furniture: neither good as a sofa nor a bed.

Size matters

You will need to judge carefully the size of the sofa bed that will fit into your home. A king size bed may accommodate more people. But it won’t leave much space for any other furniture if you have a small house.

Before buying the bed, check how much space it will occupy and whether there will be any free room left after it has been opened up to its full size.

Comfort zones

Think twice about sofa beds that make comfortable beds but are uncomfortable as sofas and vice versa. You’re paying for the services of both, so don’t compromise on one of the functions.

Easy does it

The store salesperson may demonstrate the use of the sofa bed effortlessly. But you need to try pulling out the bed yourself at the store. After all, you won’t have the salesperson doing it for you after the sofa bed is purchased. If the bed gets stuck and does not pull up easily, it is better to look for another piece.

A good night’s sleep

If the structure and size of the bed is up the mark, you need to check the mattress and the fabric. Some types of cloth tend to get scratchy. Also make sure the mattress is strong and thick enough. Check its durability with a person of a heavier built.

Select your sofa bed carefully for best results and enjoy the comfort of a sofa and a bed in one piece.