How to buy a meaningful birthday gift

bday-gift Selecting a birthday gift is no easy task. Sometimes you can wander around for hours looking for the perfect gift. Finally, you may end up giving common presents such as a card, showpiece or money in an envelope.

When its time for gift buying, remember that you need to focus more on the person you are buying the gift for and not the gift itself. Whatever you buy should be valuable and ideal for the birthday person. Think about his or her likes and dislikes, their family and individual life, and if you know them well, their dreams and aspirations.


The age of the birthday girl or boy has to be kept in mind. A child will prefer games and toys, or books if he or she likes to read. An adult will appreciate a gift that he or she can use practically. Clothes, accessories, sporting equipment or a leather briefcase are good birthday gifts for women and men.


If you want the gift to be extraordinary and special, consider giving art. Personal portraits are effective and exceptional. For a person who has children, you can gift them a portrait of their child. Pet lovers will be delighted to receive a portrait of their pet animal or animals.

Close and personal

There are some who don’t like gifts and parties. They would rather have something that they don’t usually get.

For instance, you could gift your mother or aunt a handmade gift coupon saying that she has won an entire day of rest and recreation, no work at all. Those who love shopping would love to have a coupon for a day at the mall.

Gift hamper

Gift shops sell hampers that contain an assortment of gifts and goodies. Instead of buying these gift hampers, you could put together a hamper yourself. Start compiling it two or three months before the birthday.

The gifts don’t have to be big and expensive. Add small things you know they will appreciate.

Think about the person first without worrying about money and you’ll be able to find a meaningful birthday gift.