How to Build Self Esteem

Building Self Esteem in Children

A child between the age of six to ten have a very  delicate self esteem. The most important goal of each parent should be to develop a good self esteem in their child. For child in this age each and every day will be challenging one where he meet with teachers, friends, care takers, parents etc.

If every thing goes well then he will be very happy and when any of these goes wrong then he will get upset. The following tips may help you to support your kid to develop a good self esteem.

Develop and Maintain Friendship

Teach your kid the social skills required while meeting friends like how to introduce, begin a conversion and play with them in good manner. Talk with your child and understand his difficulties in making and keeping friends. Watch your child when they are playing with their friends and note their behavior with other kids. Later talk to them about the goodness and badness they have in their relationship and ask them to correct it.

Accept Your Child

Ensure your child that you are accepting him even if others do not. This helps him to develop self confidence and self esteem. Allow him to understand the ups and downs of life. Involve your child in the stress and chores of your home and these real time difficulties help your child to unfold his abilities. Try to communicate with your kid and encourage them to talk to you and listen to them patiently.

Show Positive Attitude Towards Your Kid

When ever your kid attempts to make something, encourage him and show genuine concern on their work. Your genuine and good comments and appreciation help them to build self esteem and confidence. Enquire about your kid’s opinion and consider their opinions seriously. Give them proper and meaningful feedback. When they know that the adults are respecting them then their self esteem may grow. Always support your kid when he commits a mistake or if he had a failure. Your true support while addressing his mistake may help him to correct himself and to prevent lowering his self esteem.