How to Build a Small Waterfall Pond

Waterfall Pond How to Build a Small Waterfall Pond

It will be a challenging job to create a waterfall in a pond in your garden. Once it’s finished it will become a beautiful piece of landscape for your garden.  The following steps may help you to create a small waterfall pond.

Waterfall Pond

First of all you need to find a place in your garden where it gets at least partial sunlight through out the day. Then make an out line of the pond that you want to be there. Then dig the pond with the help of a shovel and clear the roots of the plants and trees from that area. While dogging ponds create some shallow areas for marginal plants and some deep areas for submerged plants and fishes. Now you have to make a section for waterfall just outside the pond shape and ensure that the section must accommodate water line and pond pump.

Spread the bottom of the pond with a layer of sand and level the surface. Then spread the pond sub-liner and pond-liner over the sand. This will protect your pond liner from getting damaged. While laying the pond liner make sure to leave an extra piece at the top surface as this will act as leak prevention.  Try to flatten the extra part and fold the corners and curves neatly and fix the liner edges with some landscaping rocks.

Install a pond filter at the bottom of the pond with a flexible tube and connect this flexible tube to the pond pump. Keep the pond pump at the place where you want the waterfall. Hide this pump with a berm of natural looking landscaping rocks. While hiding the pump take care to leave space for maintenance work.  Place the tube coming from the pump upward in between these landscaping rocks and turn it horizontally somewhere where you want the waterfall to emerge. For placing the tube select a flat rock is slightly angled downwards in to the pond so that water will fall in to the pond..

Now introduce some submerged plant and water plants in to the pond and position them accordingly. You can also place rocks in the pond and then fill the pond with water. Turn on the pump and then you can enjoy your creativity.


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