How to Broil Lobster

broil-lobster How to Broil Lobster

Lobster is considered to be one among the elegant treats that can be served for the special guest. You can make lobster easily and quickly and can win the hearts of others. Live lobsters may be available only in season but will get frozen ones from the supermarkets. Broiling will help you to cook lobster easily and it will also make the meat a little brown that you won’t get from normal boiling.

Prepare the Lobster

First of all you have to pre-heat the broiler at 350 degree F. Then take the whole lobster and cut it in to half using a sharp knife. Now cut the shells in the back side with a scissors and open the shells with your hands. Alternatively you can make a rectangular shaped cut on the back shell and take off the piece from the lobster. Take the stomach, liver and a little sac seen behind the eyes from the lobster and wash the lobster thoroughly. Use a kitchen mallet or the back of a heavy knife to crack the claws and leave the claws as such on the lobster.

Prepare the Marinade

Prepare a marinade for the lobster and for this you have to take the clarified butter as they won’t burn easily. Take some clarified melted butter in a small bowl and to this add one teaspoon juice taken from freshly cut lemon. Now add ¼ teaspoon each of white pepper, sea salt and garlic powder to the above mixture. Mix all the ingredients well and make a fine mixture.

Broiling the Lobster

Now drizzle the marinade over the cut portion of the lobster and keep the lobster in the broiler. While placing the lobster in broiler makes sure that the lobster is at least 6 inches away from the heat source.  After 5 minutes of broiling take the lobster out and again drizzle it with some marinade. Return the lobster back to the broiler and cook it again. When it becomes completely cook the shell turns in to golden brown and the meat will become white. At this stage you can easily take off the walking legs from the lobster. If you want the meat to become brown then keep the lobster close to the heat source and watch it carefully to avoid burning.

You can serve the lobster along with some melted butter mixed with one teaspoon lemon juice. You can also add some bread and vegetable salads of different colors like green, yellow and red to the serving plate to make it attractive.