How to bid farewell to a smoking addiction

quit-smoking-girl Smoking is an addiction that people can seldom drive out of their senses. The more you smoke, the more it grips you. But every time one inhales that toxic smoke, one is inviting a number of critical health disorders.

So if you are seriously thinking of ways to remove smoking addiction, then here are a few tips:

Chain smoking is a habit cultivated over a long period. So obviously, don’t expect miracles to happen in a day or two. It takes time to get over an addiction.

Don’t stop smoking completely all of sudden in an abrupt manner. It can cause dizziness and uneasiness in one’s body. Be slow and systematic about it.

First, reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke everyday consecutively. For example, if you smoke 20 a day, bring it down to 15. In the beginning, practice this cut-down on a monthly basis; and then every 15 days or so.

The first time one’s starts to curb smoking, there might be a drop in blood sugar level and sometimes it’s accompanied with nausea. This is because of nicotine that impacts your blood sugar levels while smoking.

Sometimes, these physical abnormalities after a decline in smoking might entice one to re-engage in one’s addiction. However, instead of getting carried away, consult a good physician to get rid of smoking related bodily problems.

Once the initial battle is won, one has to take care to stay away from items that tempt one to smoke. Throw away ashtrays and hidden cigarettes in any corner of your house. Keep away magazines or other objects that remind of you of smoking.

Avoid invitations for a quick smoke from co-workers at office at all costs. Instead, go to the canteen and get yourself a health drink.

It might sometimes be considered impolite if one always tries to avoid company of friends who are chain-smokers. But the temptation goes up, if you are in a group where you are the only one without a smoke.

At such instances, try to recall all the good things that quitting smoking leads to. For example, it reduces chances of lung cancer, heart disorders, stained teeth and a bad breath.

Chewing a nicotine gum can sometimes help to quit smoking. However, make sure you consult your doctor before doing so. If you are aiming for a tobacco free life, start working at it immediately.