How to Beautify Your Short Hair

short-hair-style Every person in the world has a unique hair style, some have very long hair, some medium and some have short hairs. The person with short hairs should not think that he cannot style his hair, there are lots of ways that can decorate his hair to look smart. In this segment we will discuss some of the issues relating to how you can beautify your short hair and make it a signature of new fashion.

At first you have to wash your hair using some good quality of shampoo and conditioners. Then dry it until it is dried completely. Then try to strengthen your hair using a crown which must be in ragged and piecy condition. This is very vital step of the process. Before it the hair must be detangled with fingers. This gives a very unique look to the hairs and makes it shine.

The next step is adding the pizzazz, as the upper portion styling is almost done. The pizzazz. is added by attaching clips to the hair extensions. The clips should be about half an inch apart form each other. The clipping should be done starting form one ear to the other ear behind the head. This is indeed a great style. That’s it the style is done. It has made you dull short hair turn into a real fashionable one.

Some of the important tips that you should remember while doing the style are – the clips should match the hair color that is we should buy the color of clips which best suits us. The hair extensions should be of exact length that it would touch our shoulders. It must hang. Although this kind of style has become older but it can be still used today to give your hair a new kind of style.