How to be a perfect bridesmaid

bridesmaid ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ is a famous line from the movie ‘Spiderman’. Being selected to be a bridesmaid in your friend’s wedding is an honor. But it comes with many responsibilities. As a bridesmaid, you need to support the bride and help her in the wedding preparations.

It’s not about you

Remember that the wedding is all about the bride. She may have a thousand worries on her mind. At such times, your added complaints will not be of help. Try to be as selfless as possible.

If you have a serious problem, talk to her or another friend. It won’t make the bride happy if her bridesmaid is depressed on her wedding day.

Keep limits

Being selfless, however, does not mean that you become a silent suffering victim of the bridezilla. Know when you are being pushed too far; don’t let the bride or anyone else in the wedding party take undue advantage of you. It is important to be helpful but don’t sacrifice yourself constantly.

Keep her happy

There is a good chance that your friend will be stressed out with the wedding preparations. She needs a break from these tasks to relax. As a bridesmaid, you need to make her feel cheerful. Arrange occasional outings for her with all your friends.


It is common for brides to feel nervous about their wedding day or complain about the abundant work to be done. On such occasions, listen to her and sympathize. You don’t need to find brilliant solutions. But it will make her feel better to share her concerns and receive few words of consolation.

Be cool

Remember that the bridesmaid needs to stay calm and composed. You need to be the solid pillar on which the bride can depend when things are falling apart. Be it a last-minute menu crisis or an irate relative: try your best to resolve the tiny problems that occur at the wedding.

Finally, smile and be happy. It is a special day for your friend and she needs to know that you are happy for her. So celebrate!