How to be a Good Leader

56461276 Leadership is not only about around in your job. The true qualities of a leader are much more significant. A leader is a person who can motivate others to such an extent that they would start loving what they do and automatically give their best.

To a great many people, the image of a leader is very rude and rough. To them the leader should be too omit professional with his rude nature. A boss who gives you tasks and never listens to any excuses to miss the deadlines can never be a true leader. Leadership doesn’t mean enjoying the power; rather enabling others to gain the power.

A true leader should be friendly, caring, understand and hard working. He should sit amongst us and work with us. He should never only give you orders; rather he himself should work hard with you. A true leader should not only be concerned with how to meet the deadlines even under extreme pressure, but also with how to relax and take breaks between works. He should listen to your problems and also give solutions to them. He must try to give you all possible comforts what were required for performing well. A lead should be the source of your motivation.

Leadership means a person with understanding and cooperative nature. ‘If you cannot do it yourself, how can you expect and order others to do it?’ should be the motto of a true leader. The emotional quotient of a leader is what makes all the difference. A person can never lead you if you don’t want to be led by him. So, the and fore most task of a leader is to win your heart and then only he can become a guiding light of that person.

A leader is he who not only guides you in professional life, but also provides personal help. He should understand your emotional needs and provide you all possible assistance. To earn respect and admiration a leader should sacrifice his own comforts and work hard. A leader should always set an example so that people can take him a follower.