How to be a good host

how-to-be-the-perfect-host Entertaining people at your house is not merely about serving food and drinks. It’s about making them feel comfortable and taking care of their needs: it’s about being a good host. Whether you have a professionally-planned lavish party or a self-organized one, none of it will matter much if you’re not a good host.

Some people are born to act as perfect hosts. But since everyone doesn’t possess this gift, they may need few tips to acquire the skills of being a good host.


Send out invites for the party if you have a huge crowd. Otherwise, you can call everyone personally and inform them. Whichever method you choose, make sure you update them with all the information about the social gathering – venue, time etc.

Make the rules clear about having extra guests at this point. Some of your friends may want to bring dates or colleagues. If you’re open to this, prepare to receive them as well with extra food and drinks. Also let them know about the theme if you’ve decided on one.

Before the party

Prepare an assortment of dishes for the gathering. Find out if anyone is a vegetarian or has some kind of allergy. Keep alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks to avoid disappointing anyone.

Keep your house clean and tidy. Remove all unnecessary items and arrange for sufficient chairs so that everyone has place to sit.

Social host

Greet your guests with a smile and pay attention to all of them. Ask them about themselves and their family and introduce them to those they haven’t met. Make arrangements to store their coats, bags, purses etc in a safe place.

Ready host

Keep first-aid and cleaning items ready so that you can attend to any injuries or spills immediately. This is especially needed if there are children in the gathering.

Music and games

Play some upbeat music in the background to keep the party mood alive. If you’ve organized games, ask your guests first if they would like to play them.

Finally, enjoy yourself and thank your visitors for coming when they leave.