How to Bath Your Baby

bath-your-baby Bath Your Baby

It is preferable to give a sponge bath to your baby till the baby’s umbilical cord is healed. There after you can bath your new born on every day, on alternate days or on weekly basis. Good cleaning after every nappy change along with frequent cleaning of hands and face is enough for your new born baby. You can use a small baby tub or even a kitchen sink for bathing your baby as it will be easy for you to control the movements of the baby.

1.    It is necessary that you need to arrange every thing ready for your baby’s bath before taking him to the bath room. At any cost never leave your baby alone in the bath room as it may cause accidents.

2.    Select a room which is warm enough to bath your baby. If it is an open area then your baby will get chilled.

3.    Place the bathing tub neat and clean in the room and pour luke warm water in to the tub. Always ensure the warmness of water by feeling it with your hands. Take care to avoid the hot water as it may burn your baby’s skin and also avoid the cold water.

4.    Spread a foam or towel at the bottom of the tub as a lining. This will help to avoid the slipping of the baby.

5.    Take your baby’s new diaper, wash cloths, cotton balls, baby shampoo and soap in a basket or container and keep it near the bath tub. Also keep a bucket of luke warm water.

6.    Now get your baby in to the room and give him a good oil massage. This will improve your baby’s muscle tones and blood circulation.

7.    Place your baby slowly in to the bath tub and hold his head with your left hand. Dip the wash cloth in the bucket containing warm water and squeeze it to remove the excess water. Then wipe your baby’s face with this wash cloth and clean his eyes and ears. Be careful to avoid water getting in to the ear.

8.    Get some baby soap on the wash cloth and clean your baby’s body with it. While cleaning the genital clean it from front to back and this will help to prevent urinary infections.

9.    Pour water on your baby’s head and don’t spill it on his face. Put shampoo on his head with circular movements and it will impart a round shape to the head.

10.    Take the baby from the tub and wipe his head and body with a dry towel and clean his ears with the cotton ball.

Now wrap your baby in a warm and dry towel and dress up your baby neatly.