How to Avoid Useless Emails from Entering your Inbox

no-spam Sometimes we find that our inbox is full with some unwanted ad e-mails that simply pile up and decrease our e-mail space. These e-mails can also be very irritating one as it gets mixed with our important mails in the inbox. These e-mails are called junk mails or spam. People who send these types of mails need just an e-mail account and your e-mail address. Sometime it has been found that sender hides his e-mail address or shows other sources for the incoming mails. It is useless to report these problems to the ISP, because sometimes they are very late to take any action and also the spammers quit the free e-mail accounts at regular intervals. So here is the solution.

The first tip is that you should never respond to a spam. Never click on any links that has been provided in the spam, like some affiliates or advertisements. This would make your account look inactive to the sender and would prevent some spam form entering. If by chance you had given your e-mail address to a marketing site, then when the mail arrives, click the unsubscribe link below the e-mail. If you have a web site, do not post your e- mail address there. As a whole do not share your private e-mail address with anyone.

If you find a spam in your account, you should at once go to the spammer’s ISP and forward the copy of the spam message to them using the contact of the ISP site. Some ISPs take severe actions on the spammers. The actual way to determine the culprit is to examine the e- mail header closely. In Outlook express 2000 this can be dome by opening the spam and then clicking on the view menu and then options. The header is automatically displayed in the bottom of the toolbar. This header displays the actual sender’s address.