How to avoid Oral Health problems as a diabetic

woman-brushing-teeth A diabetic is more prone to suffer from oral health problems than other people. That’s because diabetes and your mouth have one thing in common – blood sugar. If blood sugar levels are out of control in your body , they are probably out of control in your mouth too. With so much sugar freely available, mouth bacteria multiply and cause dental problems. The bacteria attack the protective teeth enamel and over time teeth develop cavities. To avoid dental problems, you should take some of the following steps:

1. Manage your blood sugar levels: Keep a constant check on your blood sugar levels. Make sure they are within the safe range. This is good for your overall health as a diabetic and also prevents dental health problems.

2. Visit your dentist regularly: This should help you detect signs of tooth problems early and thereby help you treat them before they get too severe.

3. Get your teeth cleaned regularly: Get your dentist to clean your teeth professionally. This should take care of the regular tooth bacteria build up and other build up that cannot come off by normal brushing.

4. Use a dental floss: Be careful to floss your teeth regularly. Flossing should remove the food particles that are stuck in corners where a brush cannot reach. Be extra careful to avoid harming the gums when you floss.

5. Brush your teeth after every meal: This is especially necessary if you are a diabetic because you are prone to suffer from bleeding gums, dry mouth, fungal infections, cavities, etc.