How to Avoid Fatigue During Pregnancy

fatigue-during-pregnancy How to Avoid Fatigue During Pregnancy

Fatigue is a common phenomenon during pregnancy and most of the women experience this during their first trimester and last trimester of pregnancy. This is because your body is trying to meet the needs of your baby inside your womb and at the same time your body is trying to cope with the new change. This makes you very tired and you may feel fatigue. More than that there will a precise change in your hormonal level and which in turn also leads to fatigue. During the last trimester you may find difficulty in sleeping at night and this contributes more to fatigue.

Tips to Avoid Fatigue


Regular exercise will help you to avoid fatigue as exercise will improve the blood circulation through out your body. This will energize your entire body and you feel refreshed through out the day. So take a short walk daily or practice some yoga or aerobics.


Take a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables and this will give you most of the nutrients and vitamins for the body. Never take a heavy meal, instead split your meals in to five or six and little at a time. Try to avoid the Junk food, sugar, caffeine as all of these make you unhealthy. Never skip your meals as it may make you more tired. Also drink a lot of water to hydrate your body.


You body will be working hard to make the placenta and the essential hormones and hence you may feel tired. So you have to take a good sleep and try to be in bed as early as possible.


During the last trimester you need good rest and relaxation. For this you can adopt an aromatherapy in which you can soak yourself in warm water containing aromatic oils and plant extract. The commonly used aromatherapy oils include grapefruit essential oil, mandarin essential oil etc. Aromatherapy may help you to balance the emotional and physical health.