How to avoid being a couch potato

couch-potato1 In the olden days, there wasn’t as much variety in entertainment on television as there is now. Add to that the luxury of cell phones, Internet, and DVD players, and your activity is limited to eating and visiting the restroom occasionally.

It’s easy to get lost in the hundreds of T.V. channels for hours or surf the Internet continuously and lose track of time. But is this lifestyle of comfort and ease healthy? Of course not; if you’re a couch potato, you’re probably plump, lumpy and lazy. And these are not the signs of an active and healthy body.

Enough has been said about the risks of obesity: the danger of heart diseases is too serious to be avoided. So the one thing you need to avoid is being a couch potato.

Step by step

An old Chinese saying goes, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” It’s not possible to become active and energetic overnight. So give an easy start to your exercise routine. Begin with daily walks, cycling, few push ups a day and slowly and gradually you’ll have a regular exercise regime.

Planning prize

Outline your aims for the day or week. Look at these aims everyday so you remember that you have to achieve them. Each time you accomplish a goal, treat yourself to a gift for sticking to your objective. But this gift should not involve a lapse into your couch potato routine!

Alternative activities

There are other sources of entertainment besides the daily dose of soap operas and movies. Try and arrange outings and excursions with your friends and family.

Find out various ways in which you can stay active outdoors. If you’re in the house all the time, it will be hard to resist the temptation of relaxing on the couch with your favorite junk food and movies.

Determination and dedication are two important factors involved in achieving any goal. Be focused and you will find it easy to give up the ‘couch potato’ ways.