How To Apply Eyeliner

apply-eyeliner How To Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliners are an important requirement for a perfect make up. With the perfect eye liners,you can make your eyes pop up. It helps you to widen your small eyes and will give your eyes a perfect shape. Eyeliners are available in different colors and you can choose the one that matches your eyes the best. Dark colored eyes like black or dark brown eyes can be high lightened with brown or plum shades while the light colored ones are high lightened with charcoal, navy or brown eye liners.

Different types of eyeliners are also available like pencil type, liquid type, cake type etc. You can even use your eye shadow for this purpose. Pencil eyeliners will give your eyes a soft effect while liquid eyeliners are used to create a dramatic effect to the eyes. While applying liquid eyeliner you must have a steady hand and draw a single line close to the eye lash. Alternatively you can make small strokes to complete the lash line. If you are using pencil eyeliners then sharpen the pencil before applying it.

You can use your eye shadow for lining your eyes. For this take a wet brush and swap it 2 to 3 times gently over the eye shadow. Then draw a line close your lashes with this brush. You can use different colors with eye shadows and can choose the best. Similarly you can apply both powder eyeliners and cake eyeliners.

Creating Smoky Eye

For creating smoky eyes,you have to start from the inner corner of the eye and draw a line close to the lash line towards the outer end. Take care to thicken the middle of the line. Then choose any of the dark colored eye shadows and then apply it on the eyeliner. This will give a layering effect to the eyeliner and will make smoky eye. Make the eye shadow lighter towards the crease.

Creating Bold or Dramatic Eye

Draw a line from the middle of the eye towards the outer edge. Then make another line from the inner corner towards the middle and let the 2 line join in the middle. For bold eye you have to thicken the outer edge of the line. In order to make you close set eye part avoids extending the line towards the inner corner.

Creating Cat Eye

Make a line from one corner of the eye to the other corner and at the outer corner extend the line upward. Then you have to soften this line with a smudgeable light colored pencil, brown or charcoal color will be ideal. On the lower eye lid make a line only up to ¾ th of the rim and you can soften it with a brown or grayish brown eye shadow.