How to apply a correct blush

blushh Today most of the women across the world like to apply blush on their face, but choosing the correct type of blush is very important for the beauty. Blush if overused can be worse but it is blush that gives a kind of natural and heavy beauty to the face. Although the use of blush has decreased to some extent over the years but it will always remain in the basket of makeup. Here are some tips that describe how can you apply blush in a proper manner.

The first step is to choose the correct type of color of the blush. The color should match the skin tone and also the lip color. An imperfect match could make it worse. If the skin tone is fair then the right type of color is rose, olive in peach and if someone has a dark skin then the appropriate color can be apricot or red. So first you have to match the right color and then buy the blush.

The next step is to go for the correct blush type. If your skin is oily or normal you should go for the powder blush, you can also use gel or cream for that type of skin. If your skin type is dry then go for the liquid blush. Sometimes if you mix both the powder and cream together in right quantity then you can get a very good combination for all the types of skins. You must remember that dry skin tends to get drier after the blush.

Then after the blush you should go for foundation, eye color and lipstick. Some people uses blush before the foundation to make the makeup more natural and bright but it is generally considered to apply the blush at last of the makeup before powder. You should always buy a good brush for the blush; you should not use the brush that has been packed with the blush. That’s not of a very good quality.