How To Age Gracefully

helen_mirren1 So your 20s were years ago, and so too were the days of a taut body, a line-free face and gray-free hair. Just because you’re aging doesn’t mean you can’t still look attractive and stylish and have a fantastic time while doing so!

Love Yourself Instead of looking in the mirror and despising that older, wrinklier face, how about seeing a beautiful woman who has accomplished great things in her life, and had a fabulous time doing it!

Body Care Eating well is imperative all your life, and making sure you drink plenty of water for clearer skin, milk for stronger bones, and lean, protein-rich meals will ensure your body is the best it can be. Pilates, yoga, swimming and walking are examples of less-strenuous exercise which can be extremely beneficial to both your body and soul.

Role Call -  Helen Mirren, an Oscar winning actress, is 64 and has had no plastic surgery. Apart from being a brilliant actress (who has fabulously appeared nude in various films!) is confident, graceful and devilishly sexy. Try looking at yourself in a new light, thanks to Helen.

Dress to Impress – Perhaps the greatest thing to avoid when you’re older, is dressing like you’re not. Instead of still dressing like a teen, try some simple, yet still stylish outfits that still feel uniquely ‘you’. Best to avoid mini-skirts and skin-tight clothing.

Break the rules – Whilst we do recommend dressing age appropriately, just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can lose your zest for life. Celebrate each day, and relish the fact that you’re older, you can get away with much more!

Sticky Subjects – You’ve weathered the storm that was menopause and if you’ve had kids they’re long off your hands, so how about satisfying yourself. If you’re married, just because you’re older doesn’t mean you still can’t desire each other and engage in some fun beneath the covers (the cardio will do wonders for your health too!) and if you’re widowed, or single, how about getting out there and meeting some people!

In the end, celebrate the gorgeous woman you’ve become, see that caesarean scar as a child-birth badge of honour, or those scars from your youth as a reminder of how far you’ve come. Love yourself, really, you’ve earned it.