How the 60th wedding anniversary is symbolized

60th We often say that a couple is celebrating their Diamond jubilee wedding anniversary if they have completed sixty years after the wedding. Very often the question comes to our mind that why we compare the 60th anniversary to the precious stone diamond. Below you will find some facts that emphasises on the comparison of the 60th anniversary with such a beautiful gemstone and why it is symbolized in such a way.

Diamond signifies the symbol of romance and eternity, so if a couple has completed the milestone of their sixty years of marriage then it is called a diamond jubilee.

In the year of 1897 , Queen Victoria celebrated Diamond Jubilee as the British monarch and from then the diamond  jubilee term came to be used in place of the 60th anniversaries including the wedding anniversaries. So it is found that the comparison started many years before.

The word diamond comes form the Greek word “Adamas” which means everlasting and unbroken. So any marriage lasting for about sixty years is considered as everlasting and endurable. Only strong belief can keep such a relationship. These kind of relationship will never end.

It has been scientifically observed that diamonds takes many years to form on the earth’s crust. It takes many years to come in the form of the precious mineral from the elements of the earth. So a marriage lasting for sixty years is thus compared with the formation of such a precious stone.  Such a relationship also takes a long time to  come in the form a strong and everlasting one. Also the relationship remains sustained for such a long span of time

Not only this , the symbol associated with the 60th wedding anniversary is a white flower, which can be compared to the color of diamond. White color is the ultimate symbol of the anniversary where one can gift their dear ones , white flowers.

So the fact is that such an everlasting relationship is compared to such a precious stone of the earth. The relationship is as precious as the diamond and as strong as the strongest element on earth . No one can ever break it.