How SIW Standalone helps to reveal everything about your computer system

siw If you are a not a tech savvy person you would not know much about the system you use. It is quite natural to have no idea about the internal organizations of the computer. The motherboard itself is so much complicated that it would take months to learn about it. The other parts of the machine such as the CPU name, memory capacity, scheduled tasks, network details or even the software which is installed in your computer can be out of your knowledge. You can immediately call an engineer who can fix the problems associated with your computer, but if some of the details of the machine are known to you then it would be possible for you to detect the failure and sometimes also troubleshoot it, without being needed to call the engineer. This can be made easier with the standalone SIW software, which is an acronym of System Information for Windows that recovers all the information from your machine.

The SIW system not only reveals every thing about your pc, it also provides the step by step solution to the entire pc problem. So you can play with you pc and troubleshoot it whenever required. This software can be directly run form a flash drive, hard disk, cd rom or form a network drive. The software needs no installation. It has a file size of 1.5 MB. This software scans your machine and outputs all the information about your hardware, software and networking.

You can download the software form the site titled- . The other tasks that are done by the software are- detecting the current operating system, network information, finding system directories, passwords, programs installed, DLL files, device drivers and many other things in the pc. So this software is a must for everyone form a novice user to an expert technician. The data generated by the software is used for the system settings and troubleshooting purposes.