How our body is affected by daily intake of salt

daily-intake-of-salt The chemical name of common salt is sodium chloride. Salt has become very fundamental to our life, each and every food items needs some amount of salt for taste. Human beings have the capacity to consume more salt than needed by the body, so we are suffering from some of the dangerous diseases including hypertension.

The salt intake should be reduced to keep ourselves fit in all respects. Although it is not so easy, as from our childhood we are used to this taste because each and every favorite food of us contains a large amount of salt. If we try to reduce the intake of salt to about 6 grams per day then it would be much beneficial for the blood pressure. We would not have to consume the strong medicines prescribed for the hypertension.

The best way to reduce the intake of salt is to eat lots of uncooked fresh fruits and vegetables. These contain potassium in large amounts, which is very beneficial for maintaining the blood pressure in the body. Packed foods should not be consumed as these contains lots of salt and baking soda which are rich in sodium and is very harmful to the body. We should try to use salt at the dining table rather than at the time of cooking. Always use herbs, lime, tamarind, mangoes etc as an alternative to salts.

We should avoid Chinese food as much as possible because Chinese food contains Mono Sodium Glutamate in the form of Soya sauce, which contains a large amount of sodium and we already know how the sodium affects the blood pressure in the body and make us unhealthy. Thus for a healthy and tension free life we should totally avoid salt, but one thing we must remember is that a little amount of salt is also necessary for the body metabolism.