How is your hair treated by shampoo

shampoo We everybody love great hair. If a person with a shiny hair passes by the side we feel a little bit of jealous of his hair. We have got our own hair and it is our duty to keep it clean. Everyday dusts, germs and millions of skin flakes get mixed with our hairs and washing in water alone cannot relieve or clean it. We need a chemical by product called shampoo that easily cleans all the dust form the hair. These are the mechanisms of shampoo, how shampoo works.

Do you know how a shampoo enters into your scalp? Shampoos are made form soap less detergent that has the capability to reduce the surface tension of the water and thus allows it to enter in all the narrow parts of the hair and cells. It is the detergent that converts the oil in the hair, into tiny droplets that are light and are easily washed away with the water. You can find other ingredients in the shampoo as per the flavors. The shampoo also contain salt that are use to make the shampoo thick.

Some other ingredients like citrus acid which is add to the shampoo to increase the pH of the hair. There are also some fruit extracts that are capable of hydrating the hair by absorbing moisture form the air. Some people also add eggs with shampoo to get protein and also to block the empty pores of the scalp. Do you also know that beer is also added to the shampoo to make the hair more shiny and lively? Some scented shampoos have added scents to increase the sweet smell of the hair.

You must never think that the more costly the shampoo the more will it work for you. You should always buy the shampoo that is well suited for your hair and also extracts the right amount of oil form your hair.