How Egg Helps Us to Keep Healthy

nutritional-properties-of-egg How Egg Helps Us to Keep Healthy

Nutritional Properties of Egg

Egg consists of a shell that encloses a translucent white albumin and a yellow yolk in the center. The nutrient quality of egg is found to be high with 13 essential vitamins, high quality protein, minerals, anti-oxidants, unsaturated fats etc. The nutrients in egg includes vitamin B1, B6, B2, B12, B5, D, A, E, selenium, tryptophan, iodine, molybdenum, phosphorus and it has only 70 calories.

Health Benefits of Egg

Heart Health

Egg is found to be ideal for maintaining a healthy heart. This is because of choline a B vitamin is present in the egg as this can aids in converting the harmful homocysteine in to more hmarmless substances. Homocysteine cause damage to the blood vessels.

More than that egg consist of ploy unsaturated fats which will never contribute to the formation of bad cholesterol with in the arteries and thus protect the heart. Only saturated fats cause problems to the health.

The protein present in the yolk of the egg plays an important role in preventing the blood clots with in the blood vessels. This is because these proteins will prevent the aggregation of platelets and will also extend the conversion of fibrinogen in to fibrin. Fibrin in turn will act as a scaffold for aggregating the platelets, white and red blood cells and forms blood clot.

Healthy Brain

Eggs contain choline which is an essential component for maintaining brain in good condition. Choline can modulate the integrity and flexibility of most of the fat containing structures. Our brain consists of sphingomyelin and phosphatidylcholine which are the fat like molecules. Choline plays an important role in keeping these molecules healthy and thus paved the way for a healthy brain.

The chemical process for sending the nerve impulse in our body is made possible through methylation in which methyl groups are transmitted from one place to another for sending messages. Choline which is having 3 methyl groups helps in this process. More than that choline is an important component of acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter that sends messages between muscles and nerves.

Eye Health

At old age muscular degeneration happens and which will leads to blindness. The anti-oxidants present in egg called lutein and zeaxanthin will inhibit this muscular degeneration and will protect the eyes.