How does Botox tackle age problems

botox Botox is a very popular mode of anti-ageing treatments in recent times. But do you know how it helps to get rid of wrinkles and those extra lines on your face? Here are a few facts about Botox treatment:

What is Botox and how does it function?

Many will be surprised to know that Botox is actually obtained from botulinum toxin. This toxin is produced by a bacterial agent. This bacterial agent is known to cause paralysis.

However, when Botox is used for anti-aging purposes, it does not cause us any harm. This is because of the minute amount of toxin that is present in it for skin applications.

So, how does Botox works on wrinkles? Botox is injected in prescribed amount to target facial muscles. These muscles then become paralyzed and thus the lines and wrinkles ease out.

Botox is often considered better than a facial lift as it is much more time-saving and displays instant effects. Also, the amount of ache caused by Botox is much lesser in comparison to other techniques.

Duration of Botox effect

Generally after taking a Botox dose, the impact lasts for around four to six months. One must understand that Botox paralyzes certain facial muscles only for a particular period. After that period is over, the targeted muscles start to function again.

Therefore, a person has to undergo another Botox trail to get a smooth and younger-looking skin again.

Side effects and risks associated with Botox

Though it reduces wrinkles, Botox has its side-effects too. A person taking Botox for the first time might experience headaches and bruises at the injected point.

At rare occasions, this can be accompanied with nausea as well as allergic reactions. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult one’s dermatologist before availing a Botox treatment.

Also there are some risks connected to Botox administration under certain specific health conditions. For example, a pregnant patient or someone suffering from a nerve-related disorder should stay away from Botox.

Also people with respiratory and cardiovascular ailments should not go for Botox before consulting a doctor.