How do I Prepare My Pet to Live in a Boarding Kennel?

boarding-kennel How do I Prepare My Pet to Live in a Boarding Kennel?

If you are a pet owner then you may have to keep your pet either in a boarding kennel or with a pet sitter. This is because it is difficult to take your pets along with you while traveling. If you are going abroad then you have to meet a lot of formalities for taking your pet along with you and more than that your pet may not feel comfortable while traveling. So the better choice is to leave your pet in a boarding kennel where he can like happily till you reach. While leaving your pet in a boarding kennel you have to ensure certain things and here are some of them.

Things to be Considered

Before leaving your pet in a boarding kennel you have to give them good training and they must react properly to the commands like “sit, come, walk” etc. Another important part is the socialization training which makes the pet live comfortably with other people in the society. If your pet is not socialized then it won’t get adapted to the  – and it may react in an aggressive manner. This makes problem with in the kennel and the kennel personals may not be in a position to take of your pet.

You have to take your pet to the veterinary doctor to have a complete check and make sure that the pet is healthy. Also ensure that he has given all the vaccinations till date.

While leaving your pet you have to ensure that you have placed their medicines, special food, your phone number, your veterinary doctor’s phone number etc. You also have to give the contact address and phone number of a local guardian who can help your pet at times of accidents. You have to also inform the boarding kennel personals about your pet’s behavioral problem.

At the time of parting at the boarding kennel you have to avoid the emotional break down as it may disturb your pet when you are away. Also make sure whether your pet is getting enough space to rest and for doing exercise.

If you are leaving your pet for the first time in a boarding kennel then never leave him for an extended period.  Instead of that leave your pet for a short period and this will help your pet to get accustomed to the new environment. This will also aids in eliminating the problems that had happened this time and can leave your pet with more confidence during the second time.