How Can You Wax Your Skin At Home

waxing tips Every person in this universe likes to make oneself beautiful. From the face to the legs every part of the body needs to be nurtured in order to be perfect. If you had gone to the parlor before, you would have heard the name of waxing. This is a process though which unwanted hairs of the body are removed and it makes the skin feel like a satin cloth. It is very much costly to wax at the parlor. So if you try to wax at home by these simple tips then it would be of great help.

First you have to make sure that the skin is ready for waxing. That is hair is about one fourth of an inch. If waxing is done earlier then it would uproot the hairs and make the skin dull. Before waxing, always rub the skin with a kind of baby powder. This helps the wax to settle quickly in the skin. Then start heating the wax as described in the instructions. You should read the instructions very carefully.

Then you have to use the right procedure of waxing that is you should wax the skin in the direction of the hair growth. It is best to keep the waxing stick at an angle of 90 degree. Then you should apply a smooth layer of the wax in the skin and keep it for sometime. You should apply the waxing strip over the skin before the liquid cools  completely. This is the correct process.

The next step is to slowly remove the strip. It is removed in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The strip should be kept close to the skin while removing because it helps to reduce the sting to a little extent. Then after removing the strip you should apply a lotion of salicylic acid to prevent the hair growth. You can remove the extra wax form the skin by washing the skin with body oils or sugar. Sugar tries to reduce the wax very fast.