How Can You Sleep Better

sleep How Can You Sleep Better

Most of the people now a day have difficulty in sleeping. Some people may wake up in between the sleep and won’t get a sound sleep. If you don’t sleep properly at night then it may lead to many health problems and you won’t feel refreshed at morning. Your body use sleep to recover and repair the body tissues. If you don’t have any serious sleep disorder then you can improve your sleeping with some good habits. The following tips may help you to sleep better.

Make a Sleeping Pattern

Fix a timetable for sleeping and sleep and wakes up daily at the same time. This routine may help you to set your biological clock and aids in getting a sound sleep. Follow this pattern even on weekends otherwise it may alter your biological clock and you may again have difficulty in sleeping.

Limit Your Dinner

Try to limit your dinner and take a light dinner not less than 2 hours before sleep. Also avoid the fatty, oily and spicy foods for dinner as it may cause heartburn and flatulence. This may impair your sleep at night. Also reduce the amount of liquid food after evening as it increases your urge to urinate and you need to wake up in between your sleep. This may disrupt your sleep.


Practice regular physical exercise and preferably aerobic exercise. This may help you to sleep better. But take care to avoid exercising right before sleep as it may makes you awake.

Eliminate Alcohol, Caffeine and Nicotine

Caffeine and nicotine act as stimulants that make you awake. It will be better to avoid the intake of caffeine at least 7 or 8 hours before sleep as these stimulants and their effects are found to be difficult to eliminate. Smoking may also inhibit you from sleeping well. Similarly alcohol may also disrupt your sleep.

Avoid Napping

If you have a habit of napping during the day time then it may steel your night sleep. So if it is necessary for you to take a nap then do it in the early afternoon and take care not to exceed the napping time more than 30 minutes.

Also leave your bedroom dark, cool, comfortable and bring complete silence in the room. Also avoid watching TV and computer just before going to bed. All these may help you to get a good sleep.