How Can You Give A Different Style To Your Hair

hairstyle Everybody tries to make himself beautiful and hair styles have no alternative. Our beautiful appearance becomes complete when we give a special style to our hairs. There are lots of hair styles that we can experiment with. But before doing the pattern there are certain rules that you must follow to ensure that your hair doesn’t get damaged easily. These step by step methods are described below to style your hair with different templates.

You should first wash your hair one day before applying the style and use a hair oil to make the task easier. Then you should arrange the things such as body spray, small brush glitter powder and hair spray. These items are very much important to stencil the hair. One drawback of this style is smudging, but if you are very careful this can be avoided up to a great extent.

The next step is creating an updo. This is very necessary as the stencil needs a sleek surface to work with. You ca only apply a twist of certain part of the hair and create the updo. It’s a very easy step and there are lots of templates to do it. Then you should choose a template that has been bought form a craft store or prepared by you on a very hard paper. Place the stencil and apply the body paint on the stencil. The stencil should be a properly made one.

The next step is lifting the stencil carefully so that it doesn’t smudge the outline and be prominent. But before lifting the stencil you should spray some glitter powder over it. After lifting the stencil you should apply the hair spray, thus your new hair style is ready. One thing that you should remember is that you apply the body paint with a prefect brush carefully; otherwise it would look very odd after it dries.