How can you find your lost friend’s e-mail address

laptop_girl When we were friends we shared almost everything with each other, now after so many years I suddenly long for his friendship and want to share something with him. But where will I find him; I have no contacts with him for the past ten years. The only way I can communicate with him is through his e- mail address. Here are some steps that describe the procedures to find your lost friend’s e-mail address through some specially designed web sites.

There is no such vast directory in the world that would keep track of all the e- mail addresses of the world. The number is so large and inconsistent, that keeping track of them is impossible. There is a kind of directory called X500 that keeps all the e- mail service provider’s members in a list. But it is very difficult to search for the desired address form the huge list. Here are some basic steps that you must know before going for the search. There should not be any spaces or special characters other than _ and @ in between the addresses. The address is divided into two parts separated by a @. The first part is the name of the person or organization and the second one is the domain name. At first you should check if they are correctly spelt or not.

The next step is to find out the domain of the person you are searching for. If the person has a company domain, then you could ask the company to find out the correct address of the person or surf through the company’s site to get a list of the addresses of the employees. But if the domain is for personal use at home then you can try these directory services for the recovery. The first one is You can fill the search form of the site by providing the first name, last name and domain of the person you are searching or go for the advanced option. Another one is the search option of It has a people find feature that helps to get the correct e- mail address.