How Can You Color Your Hair At Home

hair-color Today no body likes to have the natural hair color they have. In today’s generation there are various ways you can color your hair with many different colors. Hair color adds a special kind of tag to our personality and also gives us much stylish look. The hair colors available in the market are generally used by the parlors to color the hair. You can also color your hair with these products but we need some instructions. So we can provide some of the steps through which you can color your hair at home at a cheap rate.

Firstly you should choose a correct color tone for hair that suits your skin color. People with fair skin tone can use color like red, gold or auburn tones. You should not use gray color because it would not match with your skin type. The most important step in the process of hair color is reading the instructions. You should read the instructions on the packet very carefully and also go or the fiber test. We should always wear gloves before applying the color.

You  should not apply the color around your full head. Firstly we should start with a part of the hair and generally proceed up to the roots. Keep track of your time. It is very important for the color to be kept. Then you should wash our hair thoroughly until the water turns clear. This is very important step and should be done carefully. Then you should apply the conditioner that has been provided with the hair color. This helps the hair to be safe form damaging.

One thing you should remember that after coloring the hair you should not curl or straighten the hair for many weeks. you should keep it as it is to avoid damaging. If you find that the color doesn’t suits you , you  should ask for the vendor’s help or go to a saloon for a change., never do it yourself.