Hottest lip-shades to sizzle this spring

lip-shades-to-sizzle-this-spring4 Do you want your lips to sizzle this summer? Or do you prefer a more toned-down shade for your lips? Do you want a bold yet natural shade? Or do you want to go wild with your lip color this spring? 

Spring 2009 fashion and make-up trends are out with some of the hottest colors this season. Here’s a peek at the top-rated lip shades and brands that you can pick from:

Chanel Hydrabase has come up with a great range of six bold and attractive shades for this spring. It’s termed in the fashion circle as ‘Chanel Spring 2009 Bohemian Fantasy Rouge Hydrabase Lipstick.’

The assortment consists of six luscious shades that make one’s heart go wild. They are named as ‘Beige Desire, Fiesta, Fuego, Euphoria, Rose Rebelle and Gipsy Scarlett.’

Most of the shades are combinations of ‘red, pinks and corals.’ Fashion reviews are terming the last four shades as the wilder lot of the variety. Whereas the first two can be worn for more subtle occasions as well.

The other brand that has come up some interesting colors for one’s lips this spring is ‘Benefit Spring 2009 Lipsticks.’

The shades constitutes of a variety of pink and concentrates on the shimmer look. There are shades like ‘Thrillin’ Brazilian, Lady’s Choice and Passionista.

The palette has colors like peach and shimmer-pink that could look mysterious and sophisticated at the same time. Also, these can turn out to be bolder options for parties and functions.

Since everyone is concentrating on pink, a reputed brand like MAC cannot be left far behind. The brand is out with its own collection of spring 2009 lipsticks. There is a separate class of pink shades like ‘Fleshpot, Please Me, Rose Romance and 3N.’

Plus, there are more natural shades like ‘Siss and Peachstock’ as well. What however separates this collection from the rest is the rose and brown shades it has come out with. There are widely appealing colors like ‘Modesty, Faux, Hug Me and Honey Love.’

There is a scramble in the market to reach out for the perfect shade. When are you planning to join the hunt?