Hot tips to get the prom-diva look

prom-dress If you are wondering how to make heads turn at a prom night this year; then the solution is right at hand. Try to groom yourself with the prom-diva look.

It’s a classy, chic and an attractive fashion statement of all times. Here’s how you can get a diva look:

Select the right prom dress

Picking up the right dress is a first stepping stone to enhance one’s prom look. There are a variety of designer wears and prom outfits in the market. However, one must keep one’s budget in mind.

One should choose colors that would compliment one’s style and personality. Also, select an outfit that will highlight the best features of your figure.

You can go for a silvery-sparkling party gown with a deep neckline. There are other options like a long, satin fish-tail gown. In case you have great legs then you can flaunt them proudly in a short and lacy party dress.

Get the perfect prom hair-do

Selecting the correct hair style to enhance your facial features is equally essential. While choosing a hair style one has to keep in mind the length and texture of one’s hair.

You can go for a funky hairstyle if you have short hair. For example, try a pixie hairstyle. In case of medium length hair, one can try a messy hairdo by arranging side hair into attractive hoops.

For curls, one can try a pinned-ringlets style. This style looks seductive and chic at the same time.

Choose the right color and conditioner for your hair. Also, you can add streaks of hair color to a side parting.

Try to be creative with your makeup

When it comes to make-up, select the correct foundation suiting your complexion. Add deep mascara and shimmering eye-shades to your lashes and eye lids. Try shades like metallic lavender, gold or pink Fuschia eye shades.

Add some glitter or soft blush to your cheeks. Finally, put a sparkling red or diamond shimmer lip gloss.

Pick up the apt prom jewellery

Once the perfect dress and hair is chosen, it’s time to pick up the right jewellery. Pearl necklaces are sophisticated options for prom nights. You can also add a bit of glitter to your style with tear-drop and chandelier earrings.

White metal bracelets can look graceful and elegant. However, it’s better not to over-clutter.

Match shoes and accessories

Finally, one has to select the perfect shoes and accessories that would crown one’s diva look. Try nice metallic Sling-back sandals with a long silver gown. With a short dress, try something trendier like mid-heel, bronze prom shoes.

One can try matching one’s purse with the shoes or jewellery. For example, match a satin-silk clasp purse with metallic shoes.