Hosting a teen party

teen-party If you think your teenagers are old enough to host their own party, think again. Teenagers’ parties often get out of control due to various incidents. While you can’t watch them like a hawk or march them like a military, a little control won’t be out of line.

In order to host the teen party, you need to be strict as well as lenient. Oxymoronic as that may be, here’s how you can manage to pull it off. Allow them the liberty of inviting friends of both sexes but restrict the number. Let them have ‘their kind’ of music, but set a deadline for the loudspeakers to be put off. You get the idea.

Budget talk
Your offspring will have plenty of suggestions and demands for the party – full-length lists of them, in fact. In an effort to make them happy, don’t let your resolve or your resources break down.

Avoid giving in to their every whim and fancy. While certain wishes can be fulfilled, others need to be negotiated.

The place where the teen party is held is very important. Be sure that it wouldn’t be a quiet sit-down dinner and everyone in the vicinity would be aware of the party.

It’s quite alright for sounds to carry outside, but there’s a certain limit. You don’t want neighbors to storm into the house and complain, so set the rules early.

The host and the guests
One explanation for teen parties getting overcrowded is – word spreads. It travels faster than the speed of light and you find hundreds of party crashers at your doorstep. Don’t Let Them In. Have a fixed guest list and stick to it. One or two extra friends are allowed but not more than that.

Set up
Accommodating a party of young, restless and active teenagers in a house is no easy task. Hours before the actual event, rearrange the place to make space for dancing, sitting and eating. Valuables and breakables should be stored out of sight.

With loads of junk food and diet sodas, the teen party is ready to roll!