Homemade Shampoo – Recipe For Natural Shampoo

If you have a penchant for natural hair care products for restoring the natural appearance of your tresses, you can consider making your own natural shampoo. Homemade shampoos are not only cheaper than similar commercial products, the freshness of the natural ingredients in the shampoo recipe, makes these chemical free homemade hair cleansers healthier alternatives to most commercial shampoos. Despite the advantages of using homemade shampoos, beginners might have trouble in making shampoos at home for the first time. However, after few initial glitches, you can easily master the art of shampoo making within a few days.

Homemade shampoo


Five cups of olive oil
¾ cup of castor oil
Two cups of coconut oil
One cup of lye or sodium hydroxide
Three cups of water
Essential oil of your choice

Method of preparation

In a container that is marked dishwasher safe, add the lye. Now slowly pour water over the lye. Gently stir the lye, until it dissolves. The lye and water solution will be quite hot. Cover the container with a lid, and place it in a larger bowl containing cold water. When the temperature of the lye solution drops to 95 degree Fahrenheit, remove the container from the cold-water bath. In a separate container, add the olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil and heat the oils until they attain a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove the container containing the oils from the stove, and pour the lye solution at 95 degrees Fahrenheit temperature into the oils. Stir the solution for up to an hour. Now add the essential oil.

Take a large wooden or plastic soap mold. Pour the solution in the mold, and cover the mold with a lid or wax paper. Wrap the shampoo mold in a thick blanket and keep it aside for at least 18 hours. Now remove the blanket from the mold, and store the mold for about 12 hours. Now check whether the shampoo bar has solidified. If it is not firm, keep the mold aside for up to 2 days or place it in a freezer for a few hours. Once the shampoo bar becomes hard, carefully remove it from the mold. It is advisable to wait at least for two weeks before using the shampoo bar.