Homemade Pesticides

Homemade Pesticides

Most of the pesticides you bought from market are harmful chemicals that are toxic to you and your pets. You can easily avoid these chemicals from your garden still keeping the pests away.


Control Mealy Bugs

In order to control mealy bugs you have to mix half cup of alcohol with three tablespoon dry laundry soap and one quart of warm water. Mix the ingredients well in a spray bottle and spray on the affected plants. You can sore this mixture or can’t leave it for setting. Every time you need to make it fresh.

Control Bugs

Take one clove of garlic, one small and hot pepper and a quart of water. Blend them well till you get a mixture that can come through a sprayer. You use this solution to spray on the affected plants or you can also keep a cotton ball soaked in this solution in your affected plant pot. This may help you to repel the bugs.

Take a large can and to this add ¼ cup of hot and red peppers, ¼ cup fresh leaves of spearmint, ¼ cup of fresh leaves and roots of horseradish and ¼ cup of green tops of onion. Then cover these ingredients with water and then strain that water from the mixture. Now add half gallon water and one tablespoon liquid detergent to this strained water. Mix the entire contents very well and use it to spray on plants. You can also store this mixture in a safe and cool place.

Control Slugs

Garlic spray will be an ideal step to control slugs. For this take one bulb of garlic and mince it finely. Now add one finely chopped onion to the garlic followed by one quart of water and one tablespoon cayenne pepper. Keep the mixture for about an hour and then strain the liquid from the mixture. Add one tablespoon of liquid dish soap to this solution and use this solution to spray on the affected area. You can store this harmless solution in fridge for one week.

Control Spider Mites and Cabbage worms

Mix two tablespoon of salt with one gallon of water and use it to spray on the spider mites and cabbage worms.

You can use the items in your house hold for protecting your garden from pests and at the same times can avoid the toxic substances from your environment.