Home Safety – Tips For A Safer Home

You can never rule out accidents and intrusions in your home. To ensure the safety of your home and possessions, you should follow certain rules for a secure home.

Home safety tips
Theft prevention
Your home is always vulnerable to burglary if it is left unoccupied. Always remember that thieves could easily spot the weak spots of your house, the places that could serve as the entry points for burglars. Before leaving your house, close all the windows and doors of your house. Don’t miss the garage and pet entrances, two most vulnerable areas of your house.

If you are leaving your house for several days, install good quality locks for securing the doors and windows of the ground floor of your house. Before leaving your home, either ask your local post office or newspaper vendor to hold the mails and newspapers until you return from your trip or ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick the mails and newspapers on your behalf.

It is advisable not to give your home a deserted look. You can consider installing timers for lights, televisions and radios that will switch on the lamps and appliances randomly throughout the day. Never hide the keys inside your house, instead give an extra key to a friend or neighbor, who could frequently check your home when you are away on a vacation.

Don’t leave a message on your telephone answering machine informing callers that you are away on a trip. If you have a garden or yard, trim the large bushes before leaving the house. Bushy hedges could serve as hiding spots for thieves. To enhance the safety of your home when you are away on a long trip, inform the local police about your absence from town.

Fire safety
Fires can break out any moment in your house. To minimize the risk of fire breakouts, install a smoke or gas detector in your house. Check the electrical wiring of your house. Employ a certified electrician for repairing the damaged wiring. Unplug kitchen appliances and electrical gadgets when they are not in use. Install several fire extinguishers in your house, which could be used during emergency.