Home Remedy for Bedsores

Bedsores Home Remedy for Bedsores

Bedsores are otherwise called pressure ulcers that happen mainly in bedridden patients. This happens usually on the skin above bony areas. The continuous pressure on certain parts of the body leads to pressure sores. Bedsores are normally appears on buttocks, lower back, heels, hip, knees, ankles, shoulders etc. If this is not treated at the beginning then it may cut blood circulation to some parts of the body and it becomes a life threatening disease.

The bedsores appear as moistened skin having lesions. This leads to discoloration of the skin and at times it emits an odor and pus. There may be swelling around the lesions. Fluid retention on the body remains a major cause for bedsore. Similarly dehydration, undernourished skin etc may also increase the chance for getting bedsores.

Home Remedies for Bedsores

The position of bed ridden patients has to be changed in every two hours time so that you can avoid the continuous pressure on that area. Instead of the normal bed use ripple mattresses or air mattresses and this helps to increase the blood circulation. Keep the skin neat and clean and also try to avoid the moisture accumulation on then skin.

Every day you need to massage the body of these patients and help them to do some exercise. This helps to get good blood circulation through out the body. Also feed them with well nourished food so that their skin remains nourished and healthy.  Foods rich in vitamin C, A, B, E, zinc etc helps to heal the wound easily while foods rich in protein keeps body tissues healthy.

Wash the sores with liquid obtained from witch hazel and repeat this four times a day. Always keep the lesions dry and clean.

Application of aloe vera to the affected skin may help you to heal the lesion.

Pour some honey and sugar poultice to the wound and it helps to get rid of the toxins accumulated on the wound and thus heals the wound.

Calendula, a plant having medicinal property can be used for treating bedsores. You can either apply it directly on the wound or use the cream of calendula. This may wards off the lesions.

The best treatment is preventing the occurrence of bedsores.