Home remedies to improve tonsillitis

tonsillitis Tonsillitis is an acute type of throat disease in which the tonsils present in both the sides of the throat becomes inflamed. It is very painful for the patients to eat or swallow something. There are cases when the tonsils become large due to the infection, which results in chronic tonsillitis.


The main symptoms of tonsillitis involves fever, body pain, head ache, difficulty in eating, general weakness, sore throat, pain in the ear due to the inflammation of the tonsillar lymph glands. The tonsils tend to get a reddish color after inflammation and sometime white patches of pus can be seen inside the throat.


The main causes of the disease are due to various factors such as sudden exposure to chilled weather, weather change, collection of toxic materials in the system due to its non secretion from bowels, skin and kidneys. Sometimes due to constipation the body toxins cannot be separated and gets collected in the blood stream. And thus results in tonsillitis.

Home remedies of tonsillitis

You can cure the tonsillitis with the lemon juice, mixed with warm water, honey and little common salt and sipped at regular intervals.

In order to get instant relief of the disease, every night before going to bed you should take warm milk with a pinch of turmeric and pepper. If this is continued for three days then tonsillitis would be diminished to a lot extent.

A person who is suffering from tonsillitis can also be recovered if the patient is daily fed with vegetable juices of carrot, beet and cucumber, in prescribed proportions.

Tonsillitis can also be cured by using Fenugreek seeds, the seeds are soaked in a glass of warm water and left to be cooled, then it is used  to gurgle the throat.  It would cure the disease in seconds.


  • i try the first remedy.(lemon juice,honey etc etc..) & it instantly provides a relief in pain.