Home remedies for the treatment of tuberculosis

tuberculosis Introduction

Tuberculosis is a very serious disease caused by a tiny germ called tubercle bacillus. This germ enters in the body through our mouth, nose or the wind pipe and settles in the lungs .After settling it multiplies itself in millions, which produces small spots inside the lungs .


The germ that causes the disease are initially present in the body, remains inactive due to the strong resistance of the body. When the body becomes less resistant due to the factors like unhygienic living, improper diet etc, the germ spreads itself in the body. The other main causes of tuberculosis are- loss of sleep, drinking liquor, smoking, stress, extreme cold, consuming tobacco, overwork etc. In fact these factors reduce the efficiency and resistance factor of the body.


Tuberculosis can happen in any part of the body, but it generally affects the lungs, bones and glands. The main symptoms include loss of energy and strength, color, weight etc. It can also cause a rise in temperature of the body, breathing problem, persistent coughing, body pain, chest pain and blood in the cough. This disease may also cause indigestion.

Home remedies to cure it

The most important ingredient that is needed by the patients suffering from tuberculosis is Calcium, and there is no other alternative source such as milk. The patient should consume about six liters of milk daily, in between a gap of two hours. This milk therapy is the best option for the patients. At first the patient should consume a glass of milk in every two hours and then eventually increase it.

Tuberculosis can also be cured using custard apple. You have to boil two custard apple and some resins in a low heat and then after filtering, it should be mixed with equal amounts of cardamom, cinnamon., sugar and candy

Indian gooseberry also helps to control this disease. The gooseberry juice and honey should be mixed together and consumed every morning to get relief from the disease.