Home remedies for sunburn

sunburn Sunburn is caused due to the over exposure of the skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Besides sun , welding arcs, tanning lamps etc also cause the sunburn. This disease should not be neglected, a person may die out of sun burn , it may also cause permanent disability. This disease starts with sunburn and later if not cured tends to skin cancer. Fair people are more in a threat than the dark ones.


The general symptoms of this disease are – the skin becomes tender and reddish, after some days blisters develops around the skin , which results in peeling of the skin. The other symptoms of sunburn involves fever, chill, nausea, vomiting, rash, flu and skin loss.


There is a substance in our body known as melanin, which protects our skin from ultraviolet rays. But when our skin gets exposed to extreme sunlight then the melanin fails to do its function and thus our skin becomes prone to sun burn. This is  more increased when we are swimming, working outdoors, skiing, hiking etc.  People who consume pregnancy stopping pills and use strong anti-bacterial soaps , are more prone to this disease.

Home remedies for the disease

You can apply aloe-Vera gel or vinegar on the affected area, which will sooth the burning sensation and inflammation. You should avoid products made from benzocaine, lidocaine and petroleum jelly.

You can also apply mustard  oil on the skin , this will reduce the heat. Rubbing cucumber on the affected area also soothes the skin. It gives a cooling sensation.

While bathing you can apply some baking powder in the water, this will cure the burnt skin. You can also apply lavender oil and peppermint oil in the affected skin.  Potatoes also help to soothe the skin, the starch in the potato acts as a magical agent to cure the affected skin.