Home remedies for sexual impotence

sexual-impotence Sex is the basic instinct of human beings. Sex cannot be performed in haste or when you are tense, it has to be done with concentration and relaxed state of mind. People who generally performs in haste suffers from some basic sexual problems and one among them is sexual impotence which generally happens to men.Here are some causes and home remedies for this disease.


Some of the general causes of  sexual impotence, which decreases the sexual drive and erectile function, are depression, alcohol consumption and diabetes. There are also some basic psychological   disbalances that causes the disease. Tiredness is also one of the obstacles to proper sex. The other causes of the disease are use of oestrogens,  paralysis of parasympathetic nerves etc.

There are generally three types of sexual impotence, the primary one is that there is no erection from the beginning, the second one is there is erectile but failure in the attempts, the third one generally happens with age. Some of these are caused by the mental fatigue that is experienced when failing for the first time. Given below are some simple home remedies which can help to diminish the problem.

Simple home remedies

Garlic is considered a harmless aphrodisiac for the treatment of the disease. Two to three cloves of garlic should be chewed by those who suffer from loss of sexual power. This is considered the most effective for sexual overindulgence and nervous exhaustion.

Onion is another useful ingredient for strengthening the reproductive organ of the body.

To retrieve sexual stamina, one should consume chopped carrots with a half boiled egg dipped in honey everyday.

One should consume fresh fruits during the sexual impotence and should have a well balanced diet.

If someone takes 5-10 grams of lady’s fingers with milk and little bit of sugar, then he would never loose his sexual affinity.