Home remedies for scurvy

scurvy Scurvy is a kind of deficiency disease , this disease occurs because of the lack of ascorbic acid in the body. This disease is mostly found among the children and sailors. If people are deprived of fresh food for a longer period of time then there is the probability of the disease. But due to the use of lemon juice in the foods this disease is somewhat prevented.


Scurvy is caused due to the lack of the presence of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. This is mainly due to inadequate intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. The common symptoms include general weakness and fatigue. In the later stages it may also cause bleeding of the gums. It also causes extensive hemorrhaging.


The general causes include lack of vitamin C and stress. Stress causes the extensive usage of ascorbic acid in the body.

Some simple home remedies of scurvy

Indian gooseberry can be very useful in treating the disease, as it is a rich source of vitamin C. This fruit is to be dried and powered and then taken with milk thrice daily

Lime or lemon can be very beneficial for the disease.  Lime juice should be mixed with water and honey and then consumed to get instant relief. This miracle fruit has helped many sailors to recover from the disease.

You can also use  dried mango powder to get relief from the disease. This powder is to be consumed on a daily basis

Potato is considered another miracle in treating the scurvy. Due to the more and more cultivation of potatoes in Europe this disease seems to be diminished away.  Potatoes are also a very good source of vitamin C

In case of children, this disease can be controlled if the child is well fed with breast milk regularly from the birth.  Mother’s milk contains all the elements needed for the proper growth of the body.