Home Remedies for Ear Infection in Dogs

Ear Infection in Dogs Home Remedies for Ear Infection in Dogs

Ear infection is found to be a common problem in dogs. If your dog is infected then it will scratch its ear and shake its head very often. You can also feel a bad smell from its ear. Most often ear infection is associated with ear smell and a black sticky wax like substance may exude from the infected ear. Your dog will have pain and discomfort in the ear. The main reasons for having ear infection are allergies, moisture in the ear, mite attack, injury due to scratching etc. All these may lead to infection by bacteria, yeast, fungus etc. Dog’s having hairs in their ear and floppy ears are more prone to ear infection.

You can ease the discomfort of your dog at your home itself and the following steps may help you in this matter.

Home Remedies

Clean the Ear

Daily you have to clean your dog’s ear with soft cotton swabs. You must be very careful to not to hurt your dog. Remove the ear waxes, foreign bodies and trim the ear hairs regularly on a daily basis will help to prevent the infection.

Warm Compress

If your dog is having discomfort due to the ear infection then observe its ears closely. If the infection is detected then apply a warm compress on the affected area. Repeat this several times a day. This will help to reduce the inflammation, irritation and will reduce the pain associated with infection.

Cord liver Oil

If your dog is having inner ear or middle ear infection then put a single drop of cord liver oil in your dog’s ear. Or you can also use vitamin E oil instead of cord liver oil.

Mullein and Garlic

Mullein is found to have antiviral and antimicrobial properties while garlic is an excellent antibiotic. Hence a mixture of these two will be a good remedy for ear infection. For making this herbal remedy mix equal quantities of mullein oil and garlic oil. About one ounce of this mixture is mixed with 20 drops of olive oil or vitamin E oil and mix well. Drip one drop of this mixture to your dog’s ear and massage the ear slowly.


  • Well just want everyone to know I have been feeding my dog the yogurt twice a day and doing the vinegar/water in the ears twice a day and last night he got his first good nights sleep. When I went to clean his ear this morning they were nothing like they have been. Last night he and my poodle played like they haven’t in a few weeks. I will continue to clean his ears and the yogurt will be a regular part of his diet now “he love it” also no more treats with color but he doesn’t seem to mind. Thanks everyone for your help.