Home Remedies for Combination Skin

combination-skin Combination Skin

There are various types of skin. Each of this type of skin has got varied difficulty to manage. The most difficult to manage skin type is combination skin. As indicated by its name it is a combination of oily skins and dry skin. Combination skin comprises of an oily T-zone on the face and that comprises the fore head, the nose and the chin. In most of the cases the cheeks may have a dry skin which is rough and scaly in appearance. The degree of dryness and oiliness on the combination skin may change with the age.

Causes of Combination Skin

People having oily skin in their puberty are prone to get combination in their later life. When people reach their twenties there will be hormonal variations in the body due to stress, medication, contraceptives etc. All these may lead to the formation of combination skin.  Climatic factors like hot sun, winter, cold wind etc plays an important role in determining the stretch of combination skin. Combination skin prefers different type of treatments for dryness and oiliness.

Home Remedies

1.    In order to maintain and balance of the combination skin you have to wash your face in the morning with some gentle face wash and this will help you to remove the excess oil. You have to apply cleansing cream on your face on every evening in order to get a soft and glowing skin.

2.    Apply a clay pack on the oily surface of your face. You can make this pack in your home with some clay powder and hot water. Mix them till it forms a smooth paste and then apply it only on the oily areas. When the clay pack dries up it will make the skin and the pores tight and there by reduce the excretion of oil on the skin surface. Keep the pack on your face till it gets dry completely and then wash with luke warm water.

3.    For the dry areas of the skin you can apply cooked oat meal mixed with two teaspoon olive oil. Rubbing the oat meal mixture on the dry areas will help you to exfoliate the dead skin. Allow the mixture to be there on the face for 5 more minutes and then wash it with luke warm water.

4.    You can use astringents to clean the oily areas of your skin and use only non-abrasive astringents. Use this only once in a week. Clean the dry areas with light skin fresheners.

5.    Always carry a mild antibacterial soap with you so that you can use this to protect the T-zones of your face.

6.    Steam clean your face with boiled rose water and water mixture and this will help you to get rid of the excess oil and also help you to hydrate the dry patches.

Drink  lot of water and makes your skin hydrated from inside and also include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet.